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Ondo Governor Sacks Media Outlets From Government House

The Ondo state governor has sacked some tv stations which erstwhile were in the Ondo state government house. These stations have been covering and reporting events happening in the government house. On Monday, Mr Akeredolu banned them and told them to vacate the media office of the government house and drop all possessions of the state government they hold. The stations affected were Channels. AIT and Core Television.

According to a source who will not be named, the media houses were ejected because of their reporting hasn’t been casting the Ondo state governor and government in a good light.

Another source close to the government said that the media outlets were asked to leave because their services were no longer required and also because the fees paid to them was exorbitant.

As for now, those who’ll be reporting news from the government house are the Ondo state-owned stations.

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