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Ooni of Ife Marries A New Wife

The Ooni of Ife Oba Ogunwusi Enitan Adeyeye has found his missing rib, for the third time, and hopefully the last time. On Friday, he wedded his new bride Olori Shilekunola Morenike Naomi Oluwaseyi. He’s being married twice in the past, first to Queen Adebunkola Ogunwusi, who was his wife before he ascended the throne and Oloriwuraola Otiti who he married after ascending the throne. It is said that he parted ways with his two wives amicably.

Naomi is a 25 year old prophetess and an evangelist with an interdenominational Christian ministry based in Ondo state.

The wedding has come as a shock to every one of us,first, because no one was expecting the Ooni to tie the knot so soon just as a source close to the Oba said. Next, Olori Morenike is a staunch Christian and we know Oba Oguwusi is a staunch Ifa worshiper.

The king announced the good news through his social media platforms. He said “ I waited patiently upon the Almighty King of kings, he eventually did it in the midst of many trials.

Shilekunola, Moronke, Naomi; the greatest arsenal you can apply on this highly revered throne with many rules and regualations in the midst of undiluted tradition, heritage and culture is the “Fear of God in You”, which is the beginning of your wisdom on this throne of Oduduwa”.

“You are welcome home my beautiful and adorable queen.”  The Ooni of Ife also praised the queen’s beauty, uniqueness, royal qualities and her fear of God.

We wish the Ooni and his new Olori a happy married life. The wedding which started today, 19th October, is expected to run throughout the weekend.

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