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Rap Star Drake Embarrassed off stage As Crowd Expects Frank Ocean


Drake happens to be the unexpected headliner at the festival which is an annual show put together by fellow rap artist Tyler the Creator in Los Angeles.

The people who attended the festival were waiting to see Frank ocean as the headliner

Actually there had been signals that made it seemed that Frank ocean was going to be the headliner. signs like his songs Frank ocean songs being played in between sets

However, it turned out to be that Drake was the headliner and the crowd was really displeased so they booed him off the stage after he had entertained them for about 20 inutes.He said “it’s been love I goby the name of Drake thank you for having me” before ending his 20 minutes performance which he probably would have wanted to do more.

As soon as Drake left the stage the fans that were present continued so loudly to chant for Frank ocean but then the venue was shut down.

The fans of the popular music art Drake went on social media to express their sore displeasure at the way the crowd at the festival booed off Drake and highly dishonored the music artist.

The organiser of the event Tyler The Creator himself was also disappointed by the actions of the crowd. His tweet reads ” Embarassed by fans”.

So the rapper Drake replied by simply making a joke in which he said he would sign a 10-year residency festival.

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