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Rapper Paybac Unleash New Track Titled ‘Activ8’


Activ8 is Pheelz’s first released single in 2019.

Paybac Activ8 Song Information

Artist: Paybac

Song Title: Activ8

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Album: CULT

Date of release: November 14, 2019

Label: TBA

Producer: TBA

Video Director: TBA

Produced By
Jonn Jnrr & Pro Beats

Written By
Emma udoh & Iboro Hanson Caleb

This is the second track Paybac will be releasing from his soon coming album “CULT”.
This inspiring track is dedicated to Samuel Okwaraji.

Do not forget to inform your friends and loved ones about this lovely track by Paybac.

Lyrics Of Paybac Activ8

To enjoy this hit,you can sing along with the lyrics.

Activ8 Activ8 Activ8
Activist on activis

Activ8 Activ8 Activ8
Young Samuel okwaraji
I’m balling till I pass away
Legends only die on a Saturday
Get the plug if you wan Activ8
Activ8 x2

Verse 1
I be Lagos city boy ehen
Naija to the core ehen
Still go chop the beef if you drop am for the floor ehen
Still be workaholic even if I’m unemployed ehen
Gold dey for my teeth still I no get any joy ehen
No love for Ake ehen
Focus on the pay ehen
I dey outstand for where they told us not to stay ehen
I turn rainy days ehen
Into sunny days ehen
Early Sunday morning
I dey rap for Charlie place
I be elastic man Dem no fit push me to the limit
Difficult take second
Impossible take minute
I was hanging in okota
That was when I had a vision
Why I gotta make a living
When I’d rather make a killing
Sold my soul to the game
Promised I would never leave it
In the middle of the stadium still breathing
I was here to shine why I pulled up in a beamer
I was here to shine why I pulled up in a beamer


Verse 2
And my mama yeah she prayed for it
Yeah she prayed for it
It was written in the stars I just had to wait for it
I was feeling lost still I found a way for it
Never take break or a holiday for it
Read between the lines and I turned the page for it
Now they got me front page I can’t even page four it
I don did some shit wish say I fit say sorry
Buy I know the price and I go only pay for it
I be Naija delta boy ehen
Get money for oil ehen
Tryna break me down help me tell them nothing spoil ehen
Ride around Abuja like commissioner in charge ehen
Ride around Lagos like tinubu for the boys ehen
Gonna get more ehen
That one na for sure ehen
If I know a secret only tell it to the Lord ehen
Got a secret weapon if you wanna go to war ehen
No need no applause ehen
I resemble God ehen.

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