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Ric Hassani’s ‘Number One’ Video Finally Out. Video, Lyrics.


Ric Hassani’s much expected video of his ‘Number one’ song has been released eventually.

This fascinating video will capture your attention completely such that you will not be able to resist it but to keep watching severally.

Ric Hassani – Number One Song Information

Release date: November 4th, 2019

Format: Video/audio

Album: The African Gentleman

Genre: R&B, Afrobeats

Length: 4 minutes 10 seconds

Video director: Prodigeezy

Label: Riverland Records

This sensational song has become the present delight of fans on the Social media. A good reason for this is because the visuals used in the video are of high quality,they are so inviting and they interprete the storyline of the song so well.

To make your singing along easy and interesting, below lies the lyrics of this beautiful song.

Lyrics Of Ric Hassani’s ‘Number One’ Song

[Verse one]

I never seen a girl like you

And nobody can love me like you do

Girl is true, that I will love you

Nobody like you

Anytime I sleep I think of you (baby)

Nobody can do me like you do

You know it’s true

That I will love you

There’s nobody like you


{(I love you, l love you) x 2

Nwanyioma I’d never leave you,

I’d always love you

You’re my number one

Forever love My number one} x 2

[Verse two]

I don’t love anybody like

I love you Girl you are the finest

Many many stars are in the sky

But you’re the brightest

You are the one I love

Baby I can’t never do you wrong (no no)

Cause you be my baby love (oh yeah, oh yes o)

I love you like there’s no tomorrow

Anywhere you go I’ll follow

Give you my heart,

I’ll give you my soul

Take away your sorrows

Baby don’t you worry I got you

No worry I am your man

And I know you understand that


[Verse three]

I ain’t never seen a girl like you

And nobody can love me like you do

You know it’s true, that I will love you

Nobody like you


Ric Hassani – ‘Number One’ Download

Amazing enough, you can download this song from different reliable and trusted platforms so you have all you need to enjoy this song.

Download Ric Hassani’s ‘Number One’ on:


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