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Selena Gomez Suffers From Emotional Break Down, Rushed to Hospital

The American Singer, Selena Gomez is not new to hospitals. In 2013 she was diagnosed with Lupus and she had to undergo chemotherapy.

By 2017 due to the effect Lupus had on her system, she needed a new kidney. Her best friend came to the rescue, and donated a kidney for her transplant.

However, it looks as though the 26 year old singer is not out of the woods yet.  Recently she was hospitalized for having low white blood cells. This illness is not unrelated to her previous health struggles. Well, after being treated the issue persisted and it got to her emotionally. She felt really bad and almost became violent.

So apart from treatment for the white blood cells deficiency, she’s also going through some sort of therapy for her emotional issues. Selena Gomez is now in a psychiatric health centre where she’s receiving dialectic therapy (DBT). This is not the first time she’s having such a therapy.

Selena Gomez Suffers From Emotional Break Down, Rushed to Hospital

(Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

We are all aware it’s not been a good time emotionally for Gomez, her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, just got engage to Hailey Baldwin his new girlfriend. People have hit Selena with harsh words on social media over it. So all of it might have resulted into both the physical and mental issues she’s having.

We wish her a speedy recovery though.

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