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South African Lady Scolded For Desiring Wizkid’s Performance In Her Country.


Recently on Twitter, a South African lady showcased her burning desire for wizkid’s presence in her country.

In her Tweets, She said “”I will never die peacefully if I never see @wizkidayo perform live.I hope one day he does a Starboy Fest in South Africa,”.

In response to Her tweets, many Nigerian fans of Wizkid of Tweeter came lashing out at her, harshly reminding her of how countless Nigerians were killed in her Country during the Xenophobic attack.

The South African lady, who probably may have been awed by the huge success and good outcome of the recently concluded Concert Wizkid hosted in London showcased her desire for him to perform in her country.

Shocked by the way Nigerians reacted to her tweet, the South African lady identified as @zee_pho23 came back to defend herself.

In defending herself @zee_pho23 stated:

“So shocked at the comments. I am basically saying I love Wizkid and would love to see him perform live. Please go and direct your anger somewhere else. Did I start xenophobia? Am I not allowed to like Nigerian artists? Please I beg, get out of here with your negativity.”

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