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Stonebwoy Releases New Banger Titled ‘Big Boss.


The highly expected song by Stonebwoy titled Big Boss is finally out. This is an amazing body of work you cannot resist but listen to.

Stonebwoy – Big Boss Song Information

Release date: November 19th, 2019

Format: Audio

Genre: Dancehall

Length: 1 minute 55 seconds

Producer: Streetbeatz

Stonebwoy – Big Boss lyrics

Here are the lyrics of the song


Stonebwoy! Man a Boss A one Gad!

I’m a Boss

[Chorus] {Boss it up

(Bhim Boss)} x 2

Me I go boss it up (Bhim Boss)

{Boss it up (Bhim Boss)} x 2

[Verse one]

Chew! Me i go..

We Never run,We Never run

Because know we are the real

Boss We never rush,we never crush

Because know we are the real

Boss We conquer the storm, break every norm

Boss bring the energy you can’t fit know

Ghetto know we are the bhim (Boss)


[Verse two]

Cheew! (Bhim) Me i go..

(Bhim) me i go boss it up because i get the energy

Flow in my blood and my veins

I’m feeling synergy One, one back’ a, two back’ a, three back’ a and four

Everybody asking for more Boss, i give them more capacity

The Boss come fi run down the rule life in the city..yow

(Bhim Boss)


[Verse three]

Cheew! Me i go Boss it up (Bhim Boss)

Come like a boss Move like a boss

Trace like a boss Ehh!

Boss it up (Bhim Boss) Boss it up We are the boss it up


Rock like a boss Move like a boss

Talk like a boss (Bhim Boss,Bhim Boss)

I’m the Bhimnation President Bhim Boss…

The real Bhim Boss (Bhim)

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