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‘Surviving R.Kelly Premieres’

R Kelly has been dubbed the king of RNB by many people and rightly he is so. He’s recorded and written chart-topping songs for many years. Amidst the fame and fortune, something sinister was going on in his circles and life which not many people were willing to talk about.  It was his “predatory” behaviour and his alleged committing of sexual acts with underage black girls.

Surviving R Kelly is a 3 part 6 hour series which premiered on Thursday, 3rd January. It chronicles interviews from alleged victims of R Kelly and damaging testimonies from people in his inner circle.

People such as his former associates, brothers, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and even John Legend. The documentary series aired on Lifetime at 9:00 EST. this is not the first time allegations of sexual misconducts have been levelled against R.kelly, however, there were no real consequences.   

R Kelly has threatened to sue the media house airing the documentary series. However, they’ve decided that they’ll not be swayed, they have decided that they will support the women and go ahead with the airing of the series.

John Legend is the only major artist to appear in the documentary after Celine Dion and Jay Z amongst others declined to be part of the interview. Legend has received applause for coming out to lend his voice to the #SurvivingRKelly and the #MuteRkelly movement.  

The first episode revealed that not only was he abused, but his brother Carey was also abuse by a close relative. Also the series revealed that many of his inner circle members were privy to his sexual deviancy.

The season finale is on Saturday. Will this docuseries damage the RnB king’s career, or will it inspire him to write another song as he did before. Last year when the #metoo allegations came out against him he did a 19 minutes song titled “I admit”. Will this lead to a lawsuit? Only time will tell.  

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