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Sweet Boys Association (SBA) – All You Wanted To Know

Once in a while, a phrase pops up in Nigerian pop culture, and before you know it, it starts trending both on and off social media, it becomes the punch line for jokes and even hook for songs.

Remember, “Accolades, I deserve some accolades”, how about “na dem dey rush us” and then “small girl, big God”. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the newest one in town, Sweet Boys Associaton.

It’s something that was started by Folarin “Falz” Falana. We think the musician must have started it as a joke, well but now it has taken a more serious tone. In fact, Falz is the President of the association and the association has members too, yeah it does, it even has an anthem, yeah you already know it, Sweet Boys is the name of the anthem, that’s Falz new release.

What is Sweet Boys Association (SBA)?

Some people on social media have likened SBA as just another code name for Yahoo boys, or G boys also known as internet fraudsters. Perhaps it’s another name for Yoruba demon. Being a sweet boy doesn’t necessarily stop one from being a Yoruba demon, but according to the code of conduct of the association, you can’t be a fraudster. According to Falz, the Sweet Boys Association is a prestigious league of well-mannered, well-clad and purposeful, ambitious gentlemen.

The founding members of SBA are Folarin “Falz” Falana, singers Ric Hassani, Banky W, and Adekunle Gold. Fashion Designer Mai Atafo, Media personality Noble Igwe, actor Timini Egbuson and last but not the least, Tobi Bakre from Big Brother Naija amongst others. What’s common to all these men, they all look good. This at least should give you an idea of who a sweet boy is.

How To Become a member of Sweet Boys Association

As they say “na from clap, dem dey enter dance”. Well from starting as a joke, this Sweet boys association thing is becoming serious. Applications for joining the SBA are already open. You just visit the website at

There’s a code of conduct for all members of Sweet Boys Association. They are as follows

You shall dress impeccably well at all times.

You shall compose yourself with utmost confidence, certitude and assurance at all times

Your swag shall remain a hundred. Not one less at any given time.

You shall aspire to be the best in your field of study or practice.

You shall express yourself however you wish, as long as you do not obstruct another person’s ability to express himself/herself

Wherever you find yourself, you must always act within the confines of the law.

You shall never conduct yourself in a manner that exposes the association to disrepute.

You must treat all human beings with utmost respect. Nobody is above or below another.

You shall not be fraudulent or corrupt in your ways.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a sweet boy?

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