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Terry G Becomes Hot Topic Online As Twitter Users Discuss His Career


Famous Nigerian music icon Gabriel Oche Amanyi better known as Terry G, became a big topic of discussion on the Twitter platform. The question on the lips of some music lovers is that how and why did Terry G’s music career go down the drain despite how well he reigned in the times past,but now it seems he has gone into obscurity.

If you can recall, Terry G was the hit maker back in 2006, his song free madness which brought him much prominence in the music industry and the collaboration he did with colleague AY Dotcom on the song ‘pass me your love’ contributed to making him famous back then.

However, after some years his music kept going down and his name began fading out in the lips of music lovers partly because the society now has a wide range of musical talents to choose from.

Deliberating about him on Twitter, certain social media users who knew him well during his reigning years decided to share their opinions as to what might have brought about his lack of relevance and struggles in the music industry now.

Certain Twitter user recognized as onos_147 shared a video clip that captured Terry G slapping a protégé of the much respected DJ Jimmy Jatt, at a public place. According to onos_147, this singular action of Terry G brought about the downfall of his musical career because Nigerian Disc Jockeys stopped playing Terry G’s song for a long period of time which in turn could have a terrible effect on the music career of the then star.

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