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The Spanish Princess Review; Watch Video

The Spanish Princess Review; The Spanish Princess is a British-American drama television miniseries based on the novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory. It premiered on Starz on May 5, 2019.

The Spanish Princess follows “Catherine of Aragon, the beautiful teenaged princess of Spain who was promised the English throne since she was a child. She arrives in a grey, rain-lashed England with her glorious and diverse court, including her lady-in-waiting Lina, a Sub-Saharan African. She becomes Princess of Wales, but when her husband Prince Arthur dies suddenly, the throne seems lost to Catherine. However, she claims her marriage was never consummated and that therefore as a virgin she may set her sights on the new heir, the charismatic and headstrong Prince Harry who will one day rule as King Henry VIII.

The Spanish Princess is the ideal period soap, dexterously and intelligently balancing the webby intrigue of 16th-century court life with the dewy eroticism of a classic melodrama. There’s no guilt here. Just pleasure.

Spanish Princess Review

This week’s episode follows Catherine as she makes her initial journey to England, first meets her future husband Prince Arthur (and another future husband, Prince Henry — oh hai, Harry). She briefly clashes with her in-laws and some culture shock before marrying Arthur at episode’s end — while walking down the aisle on Henry’s arm (which is true by the way).

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