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Tonto Dike – God Forbid Me To Go Back to Churchill

Nollywood actress and mother of 1, Tontoh Dike has decided she’ll never go back to her husband, churchhill. They parted in a controversial manner, with accusation and counter accusations on infidelity and disrespect. Tonto is now a self-acclaimed philanthropist and an evangelist.

Recently someone said a prayer for her on Instagram. The person wished she and her husband, will come back together.  “How I wish you and Daddy King can forget your difference and reunite again”. She quickly rejected the prayer, calling it an evil wish. The actress, singer and mother of one quickly rejected the prayer calling it an evil wish and responded thus, “MAY GOD FORBID SUCH A PRAYER IJN…Thanks for the evil wishes, I know you intended well…You can reserve the prayer!”
So for those of you wanting Totolet and Churchill to come back together, it may never happen.

Tonto Dikeh was supposed to start a reality TV show called KingTonto. However it did not see the light of day as it was halted by a court injuction.

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