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Tunde Ednut: Massage My Wife, I Divorce Her

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Tunde Ednut is a social media personality and recording artiste. However, most Nigerians know him for his social media popularity.

Well, this man has just said if his wife goes for a massage he’ll damn the consequences and divorce her. Funny, right? Wait until you hear the full story. So, there’s this video making rounds on social media of a male masseur, massaging a woman sensually, not just massaging her body but went ahead to massage her privates.  Tunde Ednut was only giving his reaction to the video. “God knows if my wife tells me she’s going for this stupid massage that will be the end in Jesus name. You are not going there, don’t joke with me.  Bad energy stay far away”. Mr Ednut condemned the video in no uncertain terms. We can’t, however, tell if his condemnation is for that specific kind of massaging or massage from a male masseur in general. How about you guys, will you let your spouse be massaged by a masseur of the opposite sex?

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