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Twitter on Fire as Nigerians responds to video of 3 female O.A.Ps mocking Tiwa Savage.


Tiwa Savage recently shared a video of three female presenters of City Fm on her social media page.

The O.A.Ps were caught unawares slandering Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade and as expected, a Large number of Nigerian social media users have responded to this video in different ways.

One of these female presenters said Tiwa cannot write her own songs, instead she gains popularity by singing other people’s songs.

While some set of people condemned the O.A.Ps for talking badly about Tiwa Savage, others saw it from a different perspective noting that what the O.A.Ps did was normal and most people do the same thing the OAPs were caught doing.

MONKÈLÈ @_Taaooma: The way girls will speak about other girls and guess wah… they will only speak bad about a guy only when he offends them. Imagine those girls speaking bad about Tiwa immediately after her interview, and they will be the first to run for hugs “ oh Tiwa I love your music.

pizzylee @oyinloye_s: Those Cityfm OAPs av probably taken pics with Tiwa n wud write sweet captions Female OAPs/presenters should be supporting female artiste especially in a male dominated industry Some women preach support for other women, it’s sad to see the hate coming from fellow women.

Sanwo-Eko @jidesanwooIu: The OAP ‘s who we’re making snide remarks about Tiwa Savage are just like everyone one of us. We all sometimes make comments behind peoples back, just like how I mentioned to Jagaban of Ambode ‘s repeated trips to Quilox during his tenure as Governor. Their Village People won.

Ofure Edewede @_hoe_mood: Oh wow, just cos 3 women where seen slandering a female artist,which is very common among both sexes and normal too,its dat why I ave been hearing “Women are women greatest enemies”why so deep,why so outraged,nd why did Tiwa caption the video been upset at women and not the act.

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