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Virgins Have Better Marriages Experts Say

Experience is good in a lot of things, however in marriage it might be counterproductive, Bradford Wilcox, a psychologist at University of Utah has said. Due to the sexual liberation of the day, someone who remains a virgin till marriage may be seen as a prude. There are actually some people who do not want to get marriage to virgins, whether males or females for various reasons. One of which is sexual experience.

According to  Nicholas Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah, people who abstained from sex before marriage have on the average had better marriages that their counterparts who had sex before marriage.

First is the sexual satisfaction. An adage says what the eyes doesn’t see, the mouth doesn’t hunger for. So if a person hasn’t had any sexual experience prior to marriage, whatever kind of sex found in the marriage will be the norm. There’s no previous partner to compare sexual prowess against.

It is really going to be very difficult not to compare your wife or husband against your previous sexual partners, if you’ve had them.

Virgins Have Better Marriages Experts Say

Abstaining from sex also helps the couple build a deeper and stronger lasting connection through communication.  The only way to know what each person likes is by communication with each other, and getting physical can come in the way of that.

It also fireproofs the marriage against infidelity. If one could resist sexual temptations as a single person who doesn’t have a sexual partner, it will even be easier doing that as a married person, since you now have someone to fulfill your sexual needs.

If you are not a virgin, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed, but those who get married as virgins just have better chances according to research.



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