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When Lil Wayne remembered the legend called DMX


Thriller fest wouldn’t have been as lit as it was if Lil Wayne didn’t remember DMX known in some circles as Dark man X. The man we all know as DMX was named Earl Simmons. He had a rough child hood, though he was born to an artist father who later moved and didn’t have much to do in the legendary rapper’s life. DMX lived through physical abuse from his mother and was later put up in a home by her.

DMX died April 9 in White plains at the age of 50 from heart attack. His debut album ‘its dark and hell is hot’ was a huge hip-hop success. DMX has sold over 70million records worldwide. He was one of the most successful rapper in his time. The influence of DMX brand of rap had a major influence in so many places including Nigeria. Back in the late 90’s ruff riders was huge in Nigeria. So many young men wanted to identify with the brand and would buy shirts branded Ruff riders.

DMX lyrics were raw and had a captivating way of drawing you into his pain, you could feel an artist telling you about his world.

Weezy during a tribute to the late rapper at thrillerfest spoke about the early days of his tour with the rapper and how they had to roll with the label and were known as ‘cash money ruff riders’. Lil Wayne’s own words about the rapper was ‘It’s impossible not to be obsessed, infatuated, motherf..king obsessed’. Yeah, we all know DMX was a bad ass N-gga and we were not a little obsessed.

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