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Wizkid in Baby mama Trouble

Wizkid is not new to controversies, from his fight with Davido, to the unanswered allegations of dating Tiwa. Wizkid in Baby mama trouble is also not new. However, this has taken a whole new turn as evidences to show Wizkid’s irresponsibility towards his children has been released.

When the Manya crooner decided to embark on a charity project of building schools across Africa, little did he know he was courting controversy.  He was bashed by Shola and Binta, his first and second baby mamas. They alleged that he has been an irresponsible father, because he hasn’t been paying his children’s school fees, yet he wants to build schools for other people’s children. Shola Ogudu, his first baby mama even went further to buttress her point by making a long post on Instagram and releasing evidence in form of screenshots of Whatsapp conversations since 2016, between her and Wizkid.

This is not the first time Ayo Balogun is being called out by his baby mamas, however, Shola has left no holds barred in the recent revelations.

According to Shola, Starboy refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy until after the birth of the child. This was of course after paternity tests were taken and the results came out 99.9% positive.  She thought things will change for the better after paternity was proven, however, things got worse. According to her Instagram post,  he would ignore her messages and has had to be hounded by her and his family before he would pay his child’s fees or take care of his other financial responsibilities.

Shola said she’d been called unpalatable names, but she’s not going to keep quiet anymore but is going to let the world see Wizkid for what he truly is, a “deadbeat” dad.

Binta, Starboy’s Baby mama number 2 and mother of Wizkid’s second son, has the exact same thing to say about Wizkid’s treatment of their son.  It almost became a court case, but after Wizkid’s family pleaded, they decided to settle out of court, however, Miss Diallo says she’s been the one footing all her child’s bill.

From what we gathered at wingsmusic, we think one of Wizkid’s grievances with baby mama 1 is her choice to have the baby, even when Wizkid didn’t want the child. However, we don’t seem to be able to fathom Wizkid’s grievance(s) with Binta.

Tife is now 7 years old, and Shola says Wizkid has missed all the milestones in his son’s life. However, he keeps on putting up posts on social media stating how much he misses his children, but he rarely comes to visit. He’s just a social media Daddy she says.

The Socco singer’s reply had shocked everyone though. He simply put up a picture on Twitter with the inscription the “smarter you get the less you speak.

So Wizkid’s fans what do you guys think, is Wizkid being irresponsible or are his baby mamas just seeking attention? Have your say in our comment section below.

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