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Wizkid For Eternity; Starboy Twitter Fans Pledge Their Allegiance to Him.


Nigerians are widely known for their huge appreciation for the music industry. They also acknowledge certain musical personalities that have blessed them with series of mind blowing songs.

Popular Singer Ayo Balogun known as Wizkid is one of the most appreciated music artists in Nigeria.

Without doubt the globally known singer has such a huge and still increasing social media fan base and as it appears his fans are always ready to speak for him against any perceived enemy. Wizkid’s fans also acknowledge his efforts in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Starboy recently became the trending topic on the microblogging site Twitter after many of his fans decided to celebrate him and display their love and loyalty to him.

Several of his fans revealed through their tweets that they will always appreciate him and be loyal to him come what may.

Below are some of their tweets;

Spit only??!!! My guy if wizkid walk into the street, I’ll download the footsteps

Swear down Wizkid over good, hats off.

Brodaly… With my last mb gon asap Starboy Fc 4eva

Aloma has been shading WIZKID for years nobody caution him now even his Boss, he should just channel that same energy on his career and family.

Mcyoung Starboy:
If wizkid carry mic for 3:25 min him not talk anything, am downloading that shit

If u like call him all the names u want to call him but one thing I know for sure is that he is the king 👑 and he won’t shrink for u or anyone to shine he is not begging for ur loyalty because he has an army that genuinely loves and support him and u can’t buy loyalty #wizkid

I don’t know why I love Wizkid I just do

This amazing praises poured out on Wizkid began moments after he was accused of buying a fake wrist watch for his manager Sunday Are to mark his birthday.

The artist Aloma of DMW ( Davido’s signee) then responded to the news in several of his Instagram posts mocking the birthday gift Wizkid got for his manager and describing the gift as being fake..

One of Aloma’s post reads: “Richard awon milli lere leleyi,

He again explained in another post that shoes come in sizes as there is original and there is fake.

Well it appears Wizkid’s fans are not bothered about the Wrist watch being fake or original as many of them have made it known clearly that they stand for him no matter what happens.

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