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YCEE Confirms Split From Record Label

Nigerian musician and recording artist, Oludemilade Martin Alejo popularly known as YCee has confirmed his split from the record label Tinny Entertainment. This was the record label that brought him to the limelight. It was under them that he did the very popular “Jagaban”. Which was actually the song that brought him into the limelight.. This was way back 2015. He also released his very popular song Omo Alhaji with Tinny Entertainment.

As at mid-2018, there were rumours that the young man had left the record label, however, there was no way to confirm if this was true or not. Not until today when one of his fans asked him on twitter if he had left the record label and he answered in the affirmative.

Now we can’t tell if he has joined another record label if he’s started his own or he hopes to be an indie.  

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